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There are no stupid questions

Sometimes I curse people who ask me dumb/stupid question, as if I have never ever ask stupid questions myself before.

When our kids ask why the sky is blue? We laugh at it and think that it is a silly question. Most of the time, we answer it is what it is or because God creates the sky that way or because blue is more beautiful than a red sky. That is a dumb answer to be honest (as if we never learnt about light absorption in school). Whose dumb now, us or our kids?

The quality of a question seems to be matured by age. At the younger age, we know things because someone explain it to us or show it to us (even Adam knows things because God tell him, right?). But when we get older and older, there is an expectation that we can be self- or independent learner.

There will be a time in our life that a question is considered a stupid question if it is really stupid. People in their inner-self might respond I can not believe he asks that question, so dumb. Because we ought to know that even if it is not taught in class. Even if a question is based on curiosity or the question is outside our field of expertise, and we don’t know the answer, should we just ask the question? No, the best way is to find the answer ourselves. Don’t make ourselves looks dumb.

But even if it is a stupid question and we ask it, and people laugh at it. Just ignore it, those people are the one that stupid. They might also don’t know the answer or they know the answer because people told them the answer.


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